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Keep your event safe from COVID. Get a superior protection with UV-C Plasma Air Cleaner. Rent yours here:

Why Your Office Should Have a Smart Waste Bin

Why Your Office Should Have a Smart Waste Bin

Why do offices need a smart waste bin?

  1. Transforms food waste
  2. Offers fine processing and grinding speeds
  3. Is safe and hassle-free to use
  4. Large capacity
  5. Uses powerful sterilization
  6. Removes odors
  7. Is a quick and convenient waste solution


The call for smarter, greener offices is on everyone’s lips nowadays — and for good reason. Adopting new technologies helps offices run smoother and safer, to the benefit of both employees and clients. 

Technologies like Smart Waste Bins are just one of the many innovations that can provide efficient solutions to the problems that offices face concerning waste management. 

However, many offices are hesitant to adopt it, as many are unsure of the advantages it offers. If you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to see the reasons why offices need Smart Waste Bin:

The role of waste bins in waste management

The role of waste bins in waste management

Waste management is a hugely important aspect of protecting the cleanliness and safety of any building — including your offices.

Waste management, as most of us know, involves the collection, transportation, disposal, or recycling of any waste item. Without it, it would be exceedingly difficult to protect the people in your building from discomfort and disease. A strong waste management system even helps reduce waste-related costs as a whole and promotes the reuse and recycling of waste quantities.

There are many pieces of equipment that aid in the process of waste management — the most basic and important of these are waste bins. These are often found in every cubicle or office in your building. And though they seem simple, they play an important role in the first step of collecting varying types of waste.


How smart waste bins improve waste management

How smart waste bins improve waste management

Most of us are more familiar with the typical plastic waste bin, but many recent advancements in technology have presented an upgrade: a smart waste bin such as UV Care’s Smart Zero Waste Eco Bin

This type of waste bin utilizes technologies such as sensors, compactors, grinders, and even UV-C lamps to promote waste efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and much more.

Here are many benefits that this new advancement in waste management can help your office: 


Transforms food waste

Our Smart Zero Waste bin allows you to transform organic waste — such as food scraps from your office kitchen — into organic soil additives. This is done with just one press of a button on our appliance. 

The resulting organic soil additives can be added to any potted plant or outdoor garden your office may have, promoting their growth while helping you add more value to any sustainability or green initiatives your office has! 


Offers fine processing and grinding speeds

UV Care’s smart waste bin offers three powerful processing and grinding settings, which ensures that your organic waste is thoroughly processed and finely ground down. This is a crucial method for ensuring the resulting organic soil additive can be easily absorbed by your plants. 

With that fine processing and varying grinding speeds, our smart waste bin uses its powerful motor to decompose 90% of the organic waste you put into the bin. The remaining 10% is quickly converted into an organic soil additive.


Is safe and hassle-free to use

Each smart waste bin is specially designed to be easy and safe for anyone to use. As we mentioned, its operation is started with just one press of a button. Furthermore, we have designed our bin to avoid any clogging of food waste, which is in part thanks to its powerful drying and grinding tools. 

Our smart waste bin automatically goes through its five-step waste management once you have pressed its button, and its sensors see that the bin is safely and firmly shut. This process goes as follows: 

  • Dry — Reduces food waste volume by about 90% of its original volume, which helps prevent any foul odors as well as methane from being generated by your organic waste. 
  • Grind — Once our sensors indicate that the waste has been reduced appropriately, it moves onto the grinding phase. This further breaks down the waste into small, powder-like particles, which helps promote its easy and effective use as an organic soil additive. 
  • Cool — This step helps cool down the contents of the smart waste bin back to room temperature. This ensures safe handling, promotes aeration and prevents humidity from building up within the unit (which is important in preventing mold and other bacteria from growing in the soil additive). 
  • UV-C sterilization — The smart waste bin uses state-of-the-art UV-C lamps to kill other harmful food pathogens, such as E. Coli and Salmonella, that could be lingering in the processed organic waste after the previous steps. 
  • Clean — This step happens after the bin has been emptied and the lid has been firmly shut again. Using the same UV-C lamp, the smart waste bin gets rid of any remaining particles that are stuck within. Then, it uses a heating process to dry up excess moisture, oils, and other liquids inside. The result is a perfectly clean and safe waste bin, ready to be used again! 

Large capacity

Each smart waste bin is equipped with a large capacity basket. This allows it to easily fit up to two liters of leftover organic waste, such as food scraps. 


Uses powerful sterilization

As we mentioned, our smart waste bins are equipped with powerful UV-C lamps. These emit UVC radiation, which is an effective means of cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces and items — including food waste — that may be contaminated by viruses and germs. 


Removes odors

UV Care’s smart waste bins, in addition to their UV-C lamps, are also equipped with an activated carbon filter. These two tools help eliminate any odorous smells that come from organic waste and the composting process. 


Is a quick and convenient waste solution

Using our smart waste bins is a quick and convenient solution for organic food waste, especially for busy offices. Each composting cycle is automatic and stops when the processed waste is completely dried and ground, and ready to use. 


It also automatically cleans itself from any remaining harmful pathogens and odors, making maintenance and cleaning this new appliance much easier for your office! 


Key Takeaway

There are many strong reasons why your offices need smart waste bins  — they’re efficient, easy to use, and can even help you cultivate a greener and more sustainable workplace!

To make the most out of these advantages for your waste management, work with UV Care. We are your trusted partner in germ protection, and our appliances are stringently tested by third-party labs — ensuring only the best in UV-C technology for offices, hospitals, and other industrial and corporate applications.