5 Reasons to Compost with a Smart Waste Bin
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5 Reasons to Compost with a Smart Waste Bin

5 Reasons to Compost with a Smart Waste Bin

What are good reasons to compost at home?

  1. It reduces what we contribute to landfills
  2. Compost strengthens soil and promotes healthier gardens
  3. Lessens the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  4. Decreases personal food waste
  5. It’s better for your kitchen (and your home)


Have you ever given thought to how much food ends up in the trash? Sadly, most of us don’t, and we’ve become distant from the impact our food waste has on our environment. The good thing here is that there’s a great way to turn this around. While they might just seem like trash, food scraps are a much more valuable resource than you think. Given the right tools, you can compost them into something that can benefit your home. 

If composting seems too out of your wheelhouse, read on. Here are the top reasons to compost at home, and why you should reconsider your stance! 

It reduces what we contribute to landfills

The largest contributor to our local landfills are, surprisingly, food scraps — over 1,717 metric tons of food waste is thrown into them daily!

As food waste decomposes in a landfill, it does so anaerobically. In simpler terms, it decomposes without access to oxygen, as it is trapped in with other trash. This process releases a ton of greenhouse gasses (primarily methane). This gradually escapes from the landfills and gathers in our atmosphere. This, in turn, contributes to the climate problems that affect our country on a devastating scale. 

Composting, on the other hand, allows food scraps to decompose exposed to air, which allows them to break down naturally and without releasing as much gas. As a result, composting your scraps at home can not only reduce what you contribute to landfills but also helps cut down on your carbon footprint! 

Compost strengthens soil and promotes healthier gardens

Compost strengthens soil and promotes healthier gardens

When you compost at home, you create natural fertilizer that’s filled to the brim with minerals and nutrients that can benefit your plants. 

Adding this product to the soil you have in your backyard can help improve its structure. What this does is it makes it ideal for your plants by improving the soil’s ability to hold water, nutrients, and oxygen — all important resources for your plants! 

Plus, this natural fertilizer makes your soil’s texture more robust, which can help reduce soil erosion in the long run. The result? A much greener, healthier garden overall! 

Lessens the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilizers

When you’re making nutrient-rich compost at home, you have everything you need to enrich your soil and grow healthy, strong plants. Plus, plants grown helped with compost tend to be more resilient to diseases, pests, and fungi. This is thanks to the healthy bacteria that are grown when you compost your food scraps, which help fight off whatever might attack your plants.

The benefit to this is that it lessens your need for synthetic plant products, such as pesticides and fertilizers. Not only does this save you money, but it also reduces how many harmful chemicals you might be introducing into your garden — and your home. This is important as synthetic products can contain tons of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), which can be harmful to your family’s health. 

Decreases personal food waste

Decreases personal food waste

Did you know that families are responsible for a surprising amount of wasted food? On average, a majority of food waste comes from households (about 11% overall), compared to restaurants and other food retailers. A majority of the food our homes throw out are fruits and vegetables — two very compostable groups of food! 

While the best way to reduce your home’s impact on food waste is to shop responsibly, there are other ways to minimize what you contribute. One great way is composting, as they handle the food scraps that can’t otherwise be reused (such as fruit rinds or peels). Composting is a great way to recycle those discards instead of tossing them in the trash.

It’s better for your kitchen (and your home)

Some people think that composting can be a dirty and difficult job — but that can’t be further from the truth. Composting nowadays can be pretty simple, and much cleaner and pleasant for your home altogether. 

This is because there are now appliances, such as UV Care’s Zero Waste Smart Bin, that handle your food waste safely and efficiently! It has an air-tight metal container that prevents any odors or smells from seeping out — the process doesn’t stink at all. And, as powerful dehydrating lamps and fans to compost your scraps in just a matter of hours. 

As a result, it can help keep your kitchen much cleaner and more pleasant than if you threw everything in your trash together. 

How to compost at home with UV Care’s Smart Waste Bin

How to compost at home with UV Care’s Smart Waste Bin

If you want to start composting but are not sure how — or don’t have the space for a large outdoor compost pile — don’t worry. UV Care’s Smart Waste Bin is a compact yet effective appliance that helps you compost at home with ease.

Simply add your food scraps into its bin, and close the appliance. With a single touch of a button, the Smart Waste Bin puts your scraps through a multiple-step process that turns them into a nutrient-filled additive for your gardens.

It first dries over 90% of the food scrap’s volume, which helps prevent odor and reduces methane production. Then, it grinds the scraps down into a powder-like substance. This is then cooled, which makes it easy for you to handle. 

Our Smart Waste Bin also has powerful UV-C lamps, which sterilize your compost. This eliminates all harmful germs and viruses, such as Salmonella and E. coli. Then, once the bucket is emptied of compost, the Smart Waste Bin uses its UV-C lamps to cleanse itself of any remaining pathogens, making it completely safe to use when you need it again!

Key Takeaway

There are lots of good reasons to compost. Doing so with our Smart Waste Bin can help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and even cultivate a greener garden. Composting is a win/win scenario for any home — good for your family, and good for the environment! Contact UV Care today to learn more about our Zero Waste Smart Waste Bin. 

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