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Smart Eco Bin


Converts food waste into soil additive in
just few hours

Smart Eco Bin
Converts food waste into
soil additive in just few hours
Zero-Waste Smart Waste Bin | UV Care
Of the many innovations of the modern world for the household, a smart waste bin can be considered one of the most useful there is. It makes the arguably most troublesome part of maintaining a household, managing waste, much easier. A smart waste bin would remove several steps from your chores, in this case especially, for food wastes.
If you have a smart waste bin, both waste management and maintaining the device itself are hassle-free. A single press of a button will turn your food waste into a nutrient rich soil additive — and the whole process is chemical-free! Indeed, UV Care’s Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin eases your household waste management while helping the environment at the same time.
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Functions Of The Smart Waste Bin
The Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin has multiple functions that all contribute to the waste disposal process. Through these functions, it’s clear how this composting machine operates to be environment-friendly as well. The functions are as follows:
The smart waste bin deals with food waste, most of which are moist. It has a dry function that reduces over 90% of the waste’s volume, prevents odor, and lessens methane production.
Even after much of the volume of the food waste is removed, it is broken down further with the grind function. It breaks down the wastes into smaller, finer, powder-like particles through the use of a three-level grinding system.
The smart waste bin can also cool down the powdered waste back to room temperature to make it easier to handle. It also helps the aeration and the dehumidifying process of scraps and other waste products.
Using a powerful UV-C lamp that’s built-in to the device, the smart waste bin sterilizes the resulting compost. It eliminates harmful microbes such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria monocytogenes.
The smart waste bin can remove the remaining particles in its bucket using this function. To clean its inside compartment, it uses UV to cleanse it of harmful pathogens.
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Why Get A Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin?
Having a compost machine for your home is more beneficial than you might think at first. The many benefits of UV Care’s Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin start with its efficient design encompassing its multiple functions and positive effects. Some of the reasons why you should get a smart waste bin are the following:
Reduces Your Food Waste
The Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin by UV Care lets you dispose of most of your food waste in just a few hours. It does so without using harmful chemicals and by turning them into soil additives or compost material.
This way, all organic material is reused by the environment, and no greenhouse gasses are emitted in the decomposition process. If you find yourself not knowing how to dispose of your food waste the right way, this compost machine is the solution!
Useful For Gardening
Other than freeing you of food waste, a smart waste bin is also best used with your gardening efforts. The resulting compost material from the machine’s grinding and breakdown process makes for a good fertilizer. If you have a garden at home and you don’t follow a sustainable waste management procedure yet, the Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin will make your waste disposal more efficient, through homemade fertilizers.

Doing Your Part For The Environment

Food scraps that you throw away are transferred to landfills where they are left to decompose in the open. According to data from the DENR, over 52% of the solid wastes in the Philippines are food waste. With that volume of methane produced, our atmosphere is in danger due to the increase in the production of this greenhouse gas.
Owning and regularly using a smart waste bin is a good step towards lessening the food waste that’s contributing to the greenhouse gasses in the air. With UV Care’s Zero Waste Smart Eco Bin, you reduce waste in your household and outside of it, ringing true of its title: Zero Waste.
Minimize Your Waste By Getting The Zero-Waste Smart Waste Bin From UV Care!
Do your part for the environment, keep your household clean, and reduce your waste with the Zero Waste Smart Waste Bin from UV Care!
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One Button

Transforms food waste to organic soil additive with just one press of the power button.

Results in just
a few hours

The process is automatic and gets finished in just a few hours

2L Large

Its large 2L bin can fit the leftovers of the household

No Unpleasant

Equipped with an activated carbon filter that eliminates natural composting odor

90% Reduction
Reduces food waste volume by 90% of its original volume
Fine processing with faster grinding speed by powerful motor

UV-C Led

Use of powerful UV-C technology for sterilizing compost

Safe to Use &
Hassle-Free to Maintain

Prevents clogging of food waste during the process

Product Overview

How UV Care's Smart Waste Bin Works

In Your Garden
As with most things, timing is everything. Consider the following timeline while
transforming your waste to wonder.

Maximum Line

Fill up your bucket up to the indicated maximum line.

Activated Carbon

Prevents odor emission that comes naturally with composting.

Moisture Catch

Catches any excess moisture.

To clean, simply wipe off with a dry, soft microfiber cloth.

Technical Specifications

Smart Eco Bin


Converts food waste into soil additive in
just few hours


Smart Eco Bin

Converts food waste into
soil additive in just few hours