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4 Reasons Why Smart Waste Bins Help With Waste Management

4 Reasons Why Smart Waste Bins Help With Waste Management

How do smart waste bins help with waste management?

  1. Lessens food waste
  2. Allows households to adopt composting
  3. Reduces our carbon footprint
  4. Promotes the use of natural soil additives


We rarely think about the waste management of our homes, businesses, and stores — but food waste is a huge problem for many. It costs significant money lost in revenue, and even worse, it puts a massive strain on our environment. 

So, smart waste management is a must. The question is, how can we tackle this food waste problem and achieve smart waste management in the process? If you’re looking for a solution, consider a smart waste bin.

In this article, we’ll look into how using smart waste bins can help waste management: 


What is smart waste management?

Smart waste management is a system that takes a more efficient process to reduce, handle, and collect waste. Based on new technology, smart waste management tools, such as smart waste bins, can help both homes and businesses alike make their waste management more sustainable. 


How smart waste bins can help with waste management:

How smart waste bins can help with waste management:

Smart waste bins, such as UV Care’s Zero Waste Eco Bin, make food waste management convenient (and more efficient) with the use of sterilizing and composting technology. This helps reduce the impact of food waste and improve waste management overall in the following ways:


Lessens food waste

Any establishment — even if you’re not a restaurant or food retailer — produces a shocking amount of food waste regularly! In fact, most households make the majority of food waste that ends up in our landfills. 

While it is always a good practice to tackle waste at its source — and in food’s case, it means shopping and using food responsibly — there are ways to minimize what food waste you generate later on in this food cycle. 

Luckily, a big chunk of this food waste comes from fruit and vegetable scraps thrown in the bin — which are two very compostable types of waste that you can process with a smart waste bin.

Allows households to adopt composting

Composting is a very effective way to recycle food scrap, instead of leaving them to rot in landfills. 

Composting is, in fact, part of the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy. This is because it tackles even the inedible parts of your food (such as rinds or skins) that can still be used otherwise. 

Using appliances like our smart waste bin make composting — which was previously time- and resource-demanding — much more accessible and adoptable by households (and even businesses). 

Composting your food scraps when you can allow you to divert some of the waste that goes into landfills, and ease that significant burden it has on our environment. Additionally, composting with a smart waste bin allows you to turn what was once unusable into something practical for your gardens and yards! 

Thanks to our Zero Waste Smart Bin, you can even avoid the dirty and difficult job that composting used to be. Instead, using our appliance makes this process simple, hassle-free, and pleasant. 

This is because our design includes an air-tight metal container and activated carbon filter, which prevents any odors from escaping during the composting process. Plus, our smart waste bins are equipped with powerful grinders and dehydrators that reduce composting time to just 8 hours (at most!)


Reduces our carbon footprint

Perhaps the most important contribution our Zero Waste Smart Bin has to waste management is that it helps reduce your carbon footprint.

This is because when food scraps are sent to landfills, it goes through a decomposition process that releases methane and carbon dioxide, both of which are potent greenhouse gasses — methane is even more effective than CO2 in trapping heat in our atmosphere!

By having your food scraps processed safely and sustainably, you do your part in reducing the greenhouse gasses produced by our landfills. This, in turn, helps you avoid contributing further to the climate problems that affect our environment. 


Promotes the use of natural soil additives

Composting doesn’t just help your building or home become more eco-friendly — it also gives you a natural soil additive that can make your gardens greener. 

When you compost with our smart bin, you create a natural fertilizer that can nourish your plants, improve your soil’s structure, and provide many other benefits for your yards. 

And, since you’re using this compost for your yards, your plants don’t need to use chemical-based products (such as pesticides and fertilizers) to grow well. As a result, you also cut back on the potentially harmful chemicals and VOCs you might be using in your garden — which studies show can be harmful to one’s health! 


Key Takeaway

It’s important to practice smart waste management, for both businesses and households. Food waste in particular, which is generated every day in alarming numbers, is something we need to tackle to prevent further damage to our environment. 

With UV Care’s smart waste bins, waste management can become more efficient and sustainable — and help contribute positively to the environment! Contact us today to learn more about our FDA-approved, EPA-registered appliances, and why they come highly recommended by the DOH, DILG, DOT, DOH, and DTI.