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CleanCoil HVAC Solution

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Registered Medical Device for Air Cleaning

Superior UV-C Engineering and Technology

UV Care is your brand of choice because UV Care is the leader in UV-C germicidal technology

Output UV

Moisture-resistent and 

 consistently efficient in eliminating airborne bacteria and germs


Lamps are made of

quartz glass which provides better UV-C transmission


Covers the entire lamp providing insulation, breakage protection and improves water  resistance

Customizable Systems

Recognizing that every business is different, our systems are highly flexible to meet various needs


UV-C lamp automatically sterilizes every time the unit is turned on 


Does not use harmful chemicals and doesn’t leave any harmful residues

Easy to

Eliminates biofilm build-up on the coils thus removing the need for

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Product Overview

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UV-C Basics

For HVAC applications, just as with all other UVC sterilization applications, direct exposure to 253.7nm UVC radiation, given appropriate exposure time, will inactivate the DNA and RNA of microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeast, and protozoa), rendering them “sterile” (unable to reproduce), which, in biological terms, results in a “dead” microorganism.



Dosage is a product of the intensity of UV-C radiation (expressed in microwatts per square centimeter) and exposure time to that radiation. You can find the necessary dosage for most common mold spores in the following table. The values shown under the percentage kill are in microwatts per square centimeter of UVC energy. 

Breathe with Confidence

Cleans the air you breathe

Continuously process airborne dust and 

allergens that can’t be removed by regular cleaning. 

Eliminates odors to  improve air quality.

Boost employee productivity

Creates a safe and conducive working environment 

that helps keep the employees motivated and 

reduces staff absenteeism

Prevents disease transmission

Helps reduce the spread of airborne contaminants 

including bacteria and viruses in a hospital, office, 

mall or confined space.

Build customer trust and confidence

Prevents customers from hesitation in

visiting in-store and transacting and going 

to  your malls.

Cost-effective investment

A cleaner system will have improved airflow, which can 

increase system capacity by as much as 35%. This translates 

into reduced energy costs in the long run

Improved energy efficiency

UV restores the HVAC system’s performance 

to optimal levels, reducing its power consumption

 and helping it work like new  

Technical Specifications

CleanCoil HVAC Solution

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Registered Medical Device for Air Cleaning