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Keep your event safe from COVID. Get a superior protection with UV-C Plasma Air Cleaner. Rent yours here:


Keep your event safe from COVID. Get a superior protection with UV-C Plasma Air Cleaner. Rent yours here:

Do Air Purifiers Work?

The popularity of air purifiers in your home, office, or store is rising. This is largely due to the health concerns people have nowadays. Now that we are spending more time indoors than ever, many of us have decided to take a proactive step toward ensuring healthier indoor air quality.

That said, do air purifiers work? Do they deliver the benefits companies claim they do, or is this another marketing ploy? Read on to learn whether these devices help you stay safe and healthy and whether they’re worth considering adding to your indoor spaces.

What are air purifiers?

But first, what are these devices? In the simplest terms, air purifiers are machines that filter air quality indoors. They have a basic setup: a fan that pulls air towards the device and filters for the air to pass through. These filters supposedly capture pollutants, toxins, and particles in the air, essentially cleaning the air before it is recirculated into the room.

Some devices have other technology to help them perform this task. These include UV lights, HEPA filters, ionizers, and the like, which all work together to sanitize indoor air.

Because they neutralize these potentially harmful things floating about in the air, they are considered helpful devices for those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory or cardiovascular conditions.

So, do air purifiers work?

The short answer is yes, they do. As we said, these devices work by cleaning the air of pollutants, allergens, and toxins.

You should think not if they work — since they are proven to — but how well certain devices work. As with many other products in this world, not all air purifiers are made the same. Some are more effective at trapping and neutralizing harmful particles in the air than others.

The potential benefits you can get from the air purifier you use will depend on many things, such as:

  • The type of air purifier you choose
  • The technology it uses
  • Location of the air purifier
  • The initial level of air pollution
  • How often the device is maintained

What can air purifiers filter out?

Now that you know that air purifiers work, the next thing to learn is what particles they can help eliminate. These are:

  • Allergens — These are small particles that can create adverse immune responses (i.e., allergic reactions and asthma). This includes things like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, house dust, food allergens, and more.
  • Mold and Fungi — Like allergens, these particles can become potentially hazardous indoors, especially for those with allergies and lung conditions. Some air purifier devices come with the appropriate filters and dehumidifiers that help kill existing mold and fungi and prevent future growth.
  • Smoke and Odorous Smells — Some air purifiers also have specialized filters that remove smoke and other odorous smells from indoor spaces. This helps those with asthma and makes the environment more comfortable for all.
  • Indoor Toxins — Also called volatile organic compounds, these are gaseous chemicals that can be released from everyday products, like cleaning solutions, personal care products, and others. These toxins can build up over time and negatively affect your health. Luckily, air purifiers can trap these toxins before they enter your lungs and affect your body.
  • Bacteria and Viruses — These include bacteria and viruses that cause most common airborne diseases such as the common cold, influenza, chickenpox, mumps, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, MERS-CoV, MRSA and COVID-19.

Can air purifiers filter the outdoor air that enters your home?

Sure, air purifiers can effectively clean your indoor air — but can they do the same for “bad” air that ends up creeping into your room from outdoors? This is a big concern if you live or work in an area regularly affected by air pollution or natural disasters.

The good thing is that air purifiers can filter any outdoor air entering your space — especially when you choose the right model. Those with high-tech filters (like Aluminum
Pre-Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, and the like) and a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) can accommodate the excess air and filter it adequately enough to remove any smoke, toxins, and VOCs that can creep into your home or office.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of an air purifier?


To maximize the benefits you get from an air purifier, you first need to look for the best model for your needs. Firstly, get one with a HEPA filter, as these are proven to catch even the smallest particles (up to 0.1 microns small!). Second, check the model’s CADR, which should cover at least two-thirds of the room you’re planning to use the air purifier. Thirdly, look for a model with multiple filters — each filter serves a specific purpose, ensuring that the device can effectively sanitize your air of anything potentially harmful.

So if you want to find an air purifier that works well and checks out on every point above, check out UV Care. Our air purifier devices carry medical-grade HEPA 13 or 14 filters, utilize state-of-the-art filters and UV germicidal technology, and even carry our patented ViruX® Technology — clinically proven to instantly eradicate SARS-CoV-2 on contact.

We also carry several different models with varying sizes and CADR, which means whatever size your room is, we have the right model for you! For example, we have the Desk Air Purifier model, which is perfect for your bedrooms or home office. Or, we have the Supreme Plasma UV-C Air Cleaner, which is big enough for hospitals, store floors, offices, classrooms, and more!

Key Takeaway

Because we spend most of our day indoors, it’s only natural that one of our concerns is the quality of the air we breathe in. And, it’s natural that many of us wonder: “do air purifiers work?”

The good news is that they do — and air purifiers from UV Care are guaranteed to help you be safer and feel better indoors! Contact us today to learn more about our air purifiers or what other air purification solutions we can offer you.