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Effectivity of UVC lamps – Reference:  

Another significant use of UV light is air disinfection because a wide variety of fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens may be transmitted by airborne droplets as e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis, influenza viruses, SARS corona virus, Aspergillus spp., and Legionella spp.21 UV has successfully reduced the concentration of airborne microorganisms in operating rooms during surgery. The installation of UV light in air handling units and ventilation systems reduced the concentration of airborne bacteria and fungi in indoor air as well as the total amount of bacteria collected at the edge of the surgical site was significantly reduced.21 These results foreshadowed the use of UV light in 1935, specifically UVC in the ducts of ventilation systems.23 Link attached: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3925713/

Chemical-Free UV Sterilization. Sterilize your whole room in a matter of minutes. 

UV Care Room Sterilizer is designed to reduce viruses, mold spores, yeast, and harmful bacteria such as C. diff and Strep that can exist in the air and specifically on hard surfaces. Using two high-powered UV-C lamps to emit concentrated rays the machine is able to sterilize rooms with various surfaces. It is suitable for use in a range of rooms and places – schools and day-care centers, veterinary clinics, hospitals, research laboratories, and even restaurants. The system is especially useful because it eliminates harmful microbes without using harmful chemicals. The disinfection it provides is entirely ultraviolet light based.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to clean and sterilize your whole house, office or business location than this device is for you!

Dual Purpose - whole room/house clean & surface sterilization.

The central feature of this device is the unique design of the lamp arm extension

  • 36.22” lamp arm length for maximum ray emission and optimal reach over surfaces
  • Two superior quality 30 WATTS UV-C high quartz lamps power the sterilization process by emitting the strongest of UV-C rays, 253.7 nanometres, to clean the air and surfaces of a room.
  • The adjustable lamp arm with 180° range of motion so that you can adjust it to rest at whatever angle will best suit the specifications of your room or surface.

These design features gives this device a practical dual purpose: 

  • Whole room sterilization - ideal if you work in a setting where it’s important to ensure the entire space is sterilized of germs e.g. class room or assisted living where germs can easily affect people
  • Deep surface target sterilization - ideal if you work in a professional in which you regularly work on one surface e.g. chef on kitchen counters or veterinary clinic

Simple and Safe to Use:

UV Care Room Sterilizer, mindful of your need for ease and efficiency has made this device simple but safe to use.

The lamp is easy to position and easy to turn on. After you’ve set the timer to a length that suits either your schedule or disinfectant needs (from 1 to 120 minutes) you’re almost ready to go. Because exposure UV-C rays are harmful to eyes and skin all you need to do is take a few minutes to check and clear the room of all people, animals and plants and you’re set to press start.

Once the device has run for the time set it will automatically shut off. You can then switch of and unplug it, and return the lamp arm to its storage position. Simple as that.

If you’d like more detail on how this surface sterilizer works or what safety precautions to take you can check our instruction manual. You can also contact us at sales@uvcare.net or www.uvcare.net.

Easy Storage:
To accommodate the UVC long lamp arm, UV Care Room Sterilizer has designed the device to be unobtrusive and easy to disassemble, maneuver and transport to other locations.

* For inquiries, please send an email to katherine_mangrobang@uvcare.net