UV Care Portable Germinator

Regular price ₱8,500.00

It looks like a bullet and it sure does function like one. The UV Care Portable Germinator has the power to kill germs and foul smells. It is lightweight, which makes is portable to be brought wherever. It is rechargeable, perfect for use even at areas inaccessible to electricity.

The UV Care Portable Germinator combines two (2) powerful sterilization technologies - UVC and ozonation - in one product. This is one of the most powerful sterilant in the world, which can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors. The UV Care Portable Germinator covers up to 10 sq. meters and is best for boxes, cabinets, toilets, shelves and other enclosed spaces.

The UV Care Portable Germinator is best for surface disinfection and odor management. It also addresses shadowed areas and crevices.

Product Features: 

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and molds
  • Perfect for sterilizing small spaces like storage boxes, drawers, closet, shoe cabinets, lockers, cars and bathrooms.
  • Also suitable for shoes, boxing gloves, helmets, bags, and suitcases
  • Emits just the right amount of ozone gas to rid of foul odors
  • Sleek silhouette, Matte finish, Lightweight design
  • Rechargeable and easy to use
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : H-17 cm x Diameter-6.8 cm
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 0.25 kg
  • BOX DIMENSIONS: L-25 cm x W-13 cm x H-cm; Gross Weight: 1 kg
  • COVERAGE AREA: 10 sq meters
  • STERILIZATION AREA: 15 minutes (Allow additional 20 minutes down time to properly air out space)
  • RATED POWER: 5 Watts
  • LAMP LIFE: 8000 Hours